Robots are invading New York and your iPhone!!!



4.5 stars on App Store

RobotsApp Store4.5

Defend NYC against the Crazy Evil Robot Invasion!

Fend off waves and waves of robots for as long as you can in this insanely-addictive arcade game! Free on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!  I’m talkin’ a whole lot of robots!

Play as a lone construction worker who looks up from his lunch break to find a full-blown robot invasion descending on his city. What’s a guy to do? He puts down the sandwich to get his nail gun, propane tanks, wrecking balls, cinderblocks and bricks and the rest of his tools to CRUSH SOME ROBOTS!

Hours of free and fast paced fun on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.  Oh… Did we mention there’s helicopters, police cars, street sweepers, cement trucks and more. Get it now and help stop the invasion!

Lots of Tools and a Whole Lot of Robots!

We have Nail Guns, Propane Tanks, Cinderblocks, Wrecking Balls and way more!  Destroy robots and get scrap to upgrade and buy new weapons! Fill your scrap meter and call in some reinforcements to help you along the way. Look out for Grunt Robots, Fast Robots, Flying Robots and a bunch more.  You need to be on your toes at all times!  Seriously, there’s a lot of robots!

and Feature Packed!

We’ve got Rich iPhone 5 Retina Display Graphics, Universal Support for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches, Game Center with Leaderboards and Achievements, In Game Tasks and controls that are Incredibly Intuitive and easy to use.  Just point and shoot the nail gun or throw your tools and building materials at the advancing invaders.


Crushin’ Robots is localized in 11 languages.  So you can crush’ the invaders all over the world!